Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision

To make the unit a pioneer in joint and participatory work as well as effective networking to build a Microfinance-oriented culture aiming to promote the Microfinance activities in order to ensure the sustainability of the effective goals of Microfinance as a mechanism to reduce poverty in Sudan. 


Facilitating  the sustainable accessibility of the economically active poor “under-served in rural, urban and semi-urban areas” to financial services by expanding and developing the Microfinance sector.


  • To carry a regulatory and supervisory role that works on passing laws and policies that encourages the development of Microfinance in Sudan.
  • Designing and executing programs to build the institutional and technical structure and provide technical assistance and support to the Sudanese Microfinance institutions.
  • Promoting   the Microfinance industry through offering incentives and participating in media and networking activities and coordinating with governmental agencies, and public organizations.
  • Designing and introducing applicable models for marketing and developing the Microfinance industry on the National level.

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