The Microfinance Unit holds the first forum for the year 2022

08 / February / 2022

In cooperation with the Sudanese Microfinance Development Company and the Wholesale Microfinance Guarantee Agency, the Microfinance Unit held the first forum for 2022 entitled Facilitating Access to Funding. During its first day, four papers were presented that discussed the impact of the Central Bank of Sudan’s policies on the microfinance sector, the strategy of the microfinance sector for the years 2022-2025 ,The role of the Microfinance Guarantee Agency, and the positive shift in the tasks of the Sudanese Microfinance Development Company.

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Microfinance Expert Certificate from Frankfurt School - Germany

Granting permission to work in the field of microfinance to Elintaj company Ltd

Continuing to expand the base of microfinance service providers, the Central Bank of Sudan has granted permission to operate for Elintaj Company Ltd

Training course in the jurisprudence of banking and financial transactions

The Jurisprudence of Banking and Financial Transactions Course for Microfinance Institutions and Banks was held in cooperation with the Supreme Authority for Sharia Supervision and the Sudanese Microfinance Development Company

Reviewing the performance of the microfinance unit for the year 2021

The Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan reviewed the performance of the Microfinance Unit for the year 2021 and discussed the Unit’s plan for the years 2022-2025


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